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Columbus Ohio Foreclosures Attorneys

Ohio Bankruptcy Law Firm Helping Prevent Foreclosures

In this economy foreclosures are a prevalent problem, however, because foreclosures are on the rise, there are now more effective strategies for preventing a foreclosure from taking place. A bankruptcy attorney can help you use these strategies effectively so you can remain in your home.

At White & Fish, L.P.A, Inc., we believe that foreclosure is a last resort and that every effort should be taken to help the people in Ohio save their homes. We use our knowledge of bankruptcy law as well as our negotiating skills to help people preserve their quest of the American dream. If you are facing foreclosure, contact our office today or call (614) 485-9300 and save your home from foreclosure!

Our firm understands that banks do not want to own your property since they are already carrying too much debt due to previous foreclosures. We can help you prevent foreclosure through a variety of methods including:

  • Negotiating interest rates
  • Loan modifications
  • Adjusting the payment schedule and the amount of the payments
  • Refinancing mortgages or applying for a new mortgage
  • Exploring bankruptcy options to stop foreclosure proceedings

Arnold S. White is an experienced bankruptcy lawyer who knows that banks would rather collect money on your mortgage then engage in the process of foreclosure and then be responsible for a short sale. He uses all the strategies to help make the payments more affordable, and reflect the true value of the property, so that you can keep your house.

Also, if you are being harassed by collection agencies, banks and lenders and you believe bankruptcy may be a viable option for you, we can also help. Whether you are considering Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, we can discuss the ramifications and process for each. Additionally, once you file for bankruptcy, the Automatic Stay goes into place to prevent all debt collection activity, including stopping foreclosure proceedings, which will give you more time to negotiate with the bank, creditor or lender holding your mortgage.

If we cannot help you stop a foreclosure, we help represent your interests in a sheriff sale or short sale action. Our goal is to help you through the entire process and provide you with sound counsel so you can make the best decision for you and your family. Call (614) 485-9300 or Contact us today if you have any further questions regarding foreclosures.